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  • Marc Garreau

    Marc Garreau

    Author of Redux in Action: http://bit.ly/redux-in-action. Python/JavaScript developer at the Ethereum Foundation.

  • GrandSchtroumpf


    I co-founded DappsNation, a Blockchain studio that build awesome decentralized applications. I also work at the Ethereum Foundation for the Remix project.

  • Sam Benemerito

    Sam Benemerito

    Software Developer. eSports enthusiast.

  • Alex Roan

    Alex Roan

    Engineer at Chainlink Labs.

  • Ed Felten

    Ed Felten

    Co-founder, Offchain Labs. Kahn Professor of Computer Science and Public Affairs at Princeton. Former Deputy U.S. CTO at White House.

  • Swarm Foundation

    Swarm Foundation

    Swarm is a system of peer-to-peer networked nodes that create a decentralised storage. Website: https://www.ethswarm.org/

  • Patrick Collins

    Patrick Collins

    Chainlink developer advocate, fintech data engineer, and human performance buff. https://alphachain.io/blogs. πŸ”΅β›“πŸΈπŸ₯‘

  • Jean Cvllr

    Jean Cvllr

    Full Stack Developer, Web / Mobile and Blockchain. https://github.com/CJ42

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