Virtually Spaced

A Virtual Reality Development Blog

Graphic by Anna Stoilova

Welcome to my new virtual reality development blog, Virtually Spaced. Over the coming weeks, months, years(!) I will strive to add useful information about VR development.

OK a little about myself.

I’ve been a casual, on-the-side, indie game developer for about 6 years now. Mostly developing in Unity for mobile devices I have released numerous games, some have been reasonable hits, others not so much! On my game development journey I have created plugins, recorded tutorials and even written a udemy course.

So I’ve dabbled but now it’s time to get serious…

A few months ago I created a new company, with my partner Anna, focusing on VR development. Why VR development? Honestly my initial reason to get into VR was that it was shiny and new. Mobile revenue was down, visibility for new games on the mobile app stores suck (unless you want to spend serious cash) and VR had the promise of new uncharted lands…

The reality is that making money in VR as an indie game developer is not currently very viable. It’s not surprising, there are just not enough headsets out there yet, and although the uptake of VR may be slower than some people predicted, I’m pretty confident that by the end of the year it will be a viable platform to make money on.

So what about the interim period. Well business to business sales is still a viable option. Having partaken in (and won ;-)) a medtech jam recently, my eyes have opened up to the possibilities here. Additionally there are funds available from both HTC and Oculus who obviously have a vested interest in the success of their headsets.

Now is a great time to get into VR development. Exploring this new world is genuinely exciting, new gadgets are there to be conquered, new ideas are waiting to be found. So please take a chance on my new blog, Virtually Spaced, and join me in a bold new adventure.



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