What is a minimum viable product (MVP)

What do Airbnb, Twitter, Spotify & Uber all have in common? They all started with an MVP! Read on to find out what an MVP is and why they are so important.

Photo by Mark König on Unsplash


AirBnB’s MVP had no payment and no map view. Take a look.


In 1999 it was not obvious that consumers would purchase shoes online. Nick Swinmurn created a basic website with photos of shoes from his local mall. If someone ordered them he would go to the mall, purchase the shoes and send them to the customer. MVP.


So hopefully now you know a bit more about what an MVP is and how it can help you validate the value proposition of your product offering. To find out more why not check out my free MVP cheat sheet pdf below!

Indie game developer @PlatoEvolved & co-founder / CTO of VR health training start-up @dualgoodhealth

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